i am missing u.

I never meant to hurt you.

Feeling: müde
Listen to: Coldplay - Yes
Next song: Coldplay - Viva la Vida
Book: Fool on the hill
Today: Montag x.x
Good: Wochenende war schön.
Bad: Mogen Musikarbeit.
Tv:  /
Food: Spinat xD
Drink: Cola light
Gechattet: -
Talking with: -
Done: grad nach Hause gekommen o.O
Wishes? Ferien.
Anything to say?

Etwas verzweifelt höre ich die Lieder, die uns irgendwann mal unendlich viel bedeutet haben.
Oder mir, denn ihm bedeutet ja nichts irgendwas.


This situation isn't getting any better-
I see that look in your eyes.
You want to see a pretty face?
There isn't anything wrong with giving up.
And for what it's worth - I still hate you.


maybe 4ever am 23.6.08 15:00

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